Be Cool Scooby-Doo! Epiodes in HINDI

Be Cool Scooby-Doo! Epiodes in HINDI 1

The Scooby-Doo gang travels in the Mystery Machine looking forward to adventure during their last summer together. However, they encounter monsters that threaten to thwart their journey.
Season 02 [HD]

Episode 17 – Omelettes are Forever
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Super villains named Bubby and Minus attempt to forever eliminate the meal of breakfast, which causes British secret agent Jenny Vex to attempt to stop them. Along the way, Jenny runs into the gang and enlists their efforts in stopping Bubby and Minus. 
Episode 18 – Ghost in the Mystery Machine 
Fred and the gang return to the location of a mystery they had previously solved. Whilst there, the Mystery Machine becomes possessed and tries to kill the gang. The gang tries to run for their lives, while Fred copes with the loss of his precious Mystery Machine.   

Episode 19 – Nighty or Ice
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Daphne brings the gang to her parents’ ice hotel, where a caveman has been discovered. After the Ice Man thaws out and begins scaring all the customers away, the gang tries to help Daphne and her family capture the caveman. However, it appears that Daphne may not want their help, as she begins to act very strangely and seems to be on her own mission  

Episode 20 – Night of the Upsetting Shorts 
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Shaggy visits Florida with the gang, so he can see his grandma in her nursing home. In a bold attempt to try to impress her, Shaggy pretends that Daphne is his girlfriend and that he is the leader of the gang. Meanwhile, an Ape Man begins rampaging around the nursing home, a tropical storm hits the area, and Fred wears a pair of very “upsetting” shorts.

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